Key to Success

Your cup of life is filled only to the extent that specific things happen in a specific ways.

You can have only 2 things in life – excuses or results. Ofcourse the excuses don’t count! They only represent your lack of faith in your ability to succeed.

Regarding your area of excellence you have an average, the same talents and abilities as everyone else has, in other words , you are slightly better at doing some things and slightly worse at doing others. But when averaged all together , your average equates to everyone else’s average.

If you want to get results that winners get you must first think like winners think. People succeed because they train themselves for success. The most valuable association of qualities that define success are to be found in a combination of talent, determination and perseverance.

Every individual is born and nurtured throughout life by education, home, society and various experiences. Hence, the talent that one has, are collections of all these learnings gathered. Human potential are limitless however, the challenge is to recognise and utilise one’s talent .

It’s only after the special talent is recognised one may work with determination to achieve new heights. The most miserable person in the world is someone who has a sight but no vision. If one has talent but does not know how to utilize, it’s misuse. Remember a men without purpose is like a ship without rudder.Also, if you know something thoroughly it’s important to teach others as doing nothing for others will be undoing of yourself.

Remember the learning from famous tale of the Hare and the Turtle, a person who proceeds at a slow pace without stopping will produce better results than a person who advances at high speed but stops afterwards. Even a slow mud turtle can walk 1000 miles if it does not stop. It’s important to advance without stopping. It’s because of the never give up attitude that people become successful. Its important to advance without stopping. There is no need to hurry, perseverance will lead you to successful experience.

There are many who can do many things well in this world. Others may not finish off what they are doing.

The path of reality is difficult and hard to tread, yet it is the only one which may finally lead to the goal.


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